Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about data sharing

Is your organisation striving to realise the true potential of data by continually looking for ways to create value? But are you also noticing that your customers are becoming ever-more aware of their central role in all this? After all, it’s their data, isn’t it? People are increasingly expecting the ‘data benefit balance’ to tip in their favour.

Are you keen to discover how to access the data needed to build and grow your business, whilst also creating added value for customers?

If so, this is the session for you!

Topics covered

In this session, INNOPAY will give you a concise yet comprehensive insight in all you need to know about data sharing:

  • Everything Transaction
    INNOPAY’s vision on how the growth of digital transactions will change the way we do business, and the role of ‘data sovereignty’ in this trend
  • Data Sharing Models
    INNOPAY Triple A model, INNOPAY 9 Building Block model
  • Afsprakenstelsel (‘trust scheme’) 
    Introduction to a new paradigm for data sharing, including examples of how to create value with data sovereignty
  • European Developments in Data Sharing 
    Short overview of EU developments around data sharing (EU Data Strategy)
  • What to Do Tomorrow?
    We will reveal 7 steps towards giving your customers control over their data, helping you to start sharing data tomorrow. 

So join us for this session and start tackling the data sovereignty challenge today!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the INNOPAY Data Sharing Session.

Workshop on Data Sharing

Data Sharing
Half-day training
WTC-F tower, 3rd floor
Strawinskylaan 381
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Free of charge
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Mariane ter Veen

Trainer Mariane ter Veen

Director Data Sharing INNOPAY

Mariane ter Veen is Director Lead Data Sharing & Public Services at INNOPAY. She believes in a world where trusted data exchange is the key to unlocking new business models and reducing costs. She helps organisations to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era by adopting a more open outlook, collaborating across ecosystems and creating new value. 

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Getting to INNOPAY Academy

INNOPAY Academy is conveniently located in the F-Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district: Strawinskylaan 381, 1077 XX Amsterdam. Enter via Zuidplein (if exiting the Amsterdam Zuid train/metro station, the F-Tower is on the right side of the square). The entrance is on the ground floor. View a map of the WTC Amsterdam towers.